The Lost Art of Being Neighborly


A neighborhood is more than just a location or area, or lines on a map. A neighborhood is a unique collection of people, and the most important element of a neighborhood is not its proximity to downtown or shopping — but its neighbors.

Neighbors watch out for each other. They lend things like tools or advice. And how neighbors interact and connect with each other can make the difference of living in a great place and a ho-hum place.

Most of us don’t know our neighbors, or what a good neighbor is. It takes effort to get to know them, but that effort can pay for itself many times over.

Help us discover the lost art of being neighborly and what that can mean to our community.

Benefits of Neighbors

  • Neighbors are crime fighters
  • Neighbors can house sit, pet sit, babysit
  • Neighbors are a tool shed and hardware store
  • Neighbors lend expertise and advice

And while you're out...

  • Neighbors can pick up your paper/get mail
  • Neighbors can water plants
  • Neighbors can turn your lights on and off
  • Neighbors can be your eyes and ears



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